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K65 - The Solar System

The Solar System
Item No. K65

The Solar System

Item No: K65
Length: 28 minutes
UPC: 709629026537
Copyright: 1994
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 4-8
Age Range: 10-14
SRP: $34.95
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Takes students on a 20-minute inspiring journey that challenges them and enriches science curricula.


I highly recommend this video. It has a wealth of information for any grade level and gives the student a different view of the planets and all their characteristics. - Charlene Bice, President, Classroom Teachers Association. Accurate, informative and entertaining. I highly recommend this video for your library and school system - it fills a niche that has not been addressed. - Don Garland, Museum of Science and Industry, Fort Worth, Texas. I was most impressed by the presentation of these videos. Because of its excellent quality and vocabulary specific to fifth grade texts, it is well presented and will be an important addition to the science department and library of my school. - Nancy Maas - 5th grade gifted and talented teacher.

The Solar System - A New Look, gives students a different view of the planets and all its characteristics. I highly recommend this program. It has a wealth of information for any grade level." - Charlene Bice, President, Classroom Teacher's Association