About Us

TMW Media is proud of our educational mission to “deliver high quality media to improve learning for all students and empower teachers to create engaging instructional environments.”

Founded in 1989, TMW Media is one of the leading creators, developers and distributors of educational video content for classrooms, higher learning institutions, libraries, home schoolers and consumers.

The catalog contains 1,500 hours in over 2,000 programs that span from Pre-K to college. With subjects including science, math, technology, history, geography, social issues, English, literature, religious studies, film making and media studies, career training, character education, health, psychology, guidance, travel and sports, our library is heralded by educators for its breadth, quality, versatility and compatibility with best practices for teaching and learning.

TMW produces its own content and also acts as a publisher and distributor for filmmakers worldwide. The catalog is available for academic education, libraries, institutions and consumers and is delivered via DVD, digital streaming and television to most worldwide markets.

TMW’s library is available as full programs, learning segments and series/set teaching modules.