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K4883 - Philadelphia, Oslo, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Incheon

Philadelphia, Oslo, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Incheon
Item No. K4883

Philadelphia, Oslo, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Incheon

Item No: K4883
Length: 30 minutes
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Copyright: 2018
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Language: English
Grade Level: 5-Adult
Age Range: 11-Adult
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Featuring Philadelphia, Oslo, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Incheon. PHILADELPHIA The fifth most populous state in America It is considered a consolidated city-county, with a mix of history and culture to offer, and a top study destination. The declaration of independence was signed here, as well as the constitution. The city was actually the nation's capital for 10 years, when D.C. was under construction. In Philly, you get to sample the best of Italy and America's culinary worlds.The city's experience of the Renaissance in the 1970s brought about some of America's most iconic foods. One of the most popular ones is the cheesesteak. The city is also hailed for its baseball culture. OSLO One of the world's largest capital cities, only 20 percent of the area has been developed, and the rest of it are parks, protected forests, hills, and lakes! Parks and open spaces are essential in Oslo's landscape, and they can easily be accessed from almost any point from the city. The center is very convenient, with trailsand passages that connect to the public spaces and pedestrian-friendly areas. Just the same, amid its natural attractions, Oslo likewise boasts a rich cultural scene you should see. Among its famous landmarks are the sculptures of Gustav Vigeland You can stroll through the town center to witness many of its historical structures. One of the popular attractions is the thousand-year-old Viking Ship. MONTREA Its name originated from Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. It was first called Ville-Marie or city of Mary. Montreal is the most populous city in Quebec, and second most populous city in Canada, with about 1.65 million residents. The city's official language is French, spoken by more than 60 percent of the population. Montreal is conveniently nestled between the shores of the St. Lawrence river. One of its great outdoor escapes is of course Mount Royal. Aside from hiking the mountain during the summer, try cross country skiing in the winter, you can also try biking or skating. CHICAGO, the Windy city. Nestledalong the shores of Lake Michigan, the city has become a destination known for its vibrant art scene, cultural attractions, excellent shopping, and majestic architecture! The city's art and architecture takes cues from 20th century design. Architects Louis Sullivan andFrank Lloyd Wright, and artists like Picasso, Miro, Dubuffet, and -- are the known design mavens who've beautified the city. BOSTON the capital city of the commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. And the largest too, being about 48 square miles or 124 square kilometers in size and an estimated population of about 667,137 residents. With that, Boston becomes the largest city in New England, and comes in as the 23rd largest city in the United States. Boston is a city for those with a knack for history. The city isfilled with historical sites that are quite easy to discover. There's the Freedom Trail. There's Paul Revere's home. These sights are all reflective of the great Revolution, where one will be reminded of America's incredible history. There's the famous Charles River just near the Science Museum, as well as the Boston Public Library and Copley square, among others. WASHINGTON DC The city is considered one of the most popular tourists' destinations in the United States It's got historical landmarks, parks, and neighborhoods, each with a mix of attractions and activities to offer. The national monuments are definitely must-sees in DC Popular ones are the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and the World War II Memorial. , In Georgetown, you'll find a shopper's paradise It is considered DC's historic waterfront that's always busy with activity. Aside from the shopping, the place is lined with restaurants, tooYou'll find one of every cuisine practically known to the world And then of course there are the majestic views The Potomac River is a favorite as well. INCHEON A city with a lot to offer--Incheon in South Korea. There are many things to do, places to see, eat anddrink in, and events to take part in Incheon city is located in the north western area of South Korea Seoul and Bucheon are nearby, as well as Goyang and Asan The city has a population of about 2.8 million people It is considered the third biggest city in South KoreaThe city is known for its majestic natural landscape, from white sand beaches to unique rock formations One of the most popular is the Eurwangni Beach, offering pristine waters and great sand, too Tourists often visit this beach to watch the sunset and take lotsand lots of photos The beach is also surrounded by a grove of pine trees, completing the picturesque view Aside from Incheon's beaches being a sight to see, it's also where you can try activities such as swimming, fishing, and some water sports