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A3005 - How to Draw People's Faces!

How to Draw People's Faces!
Item No. A3005

How to Draw People's Faces!

Series: Art Made Easy
Item No: A3005
Length: 22 minutes
UPC: 709629030053
Copyright: 2000
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: K-6
Age Range: 5-12
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The Art Made Easy series teaches students the world of fine arts and how to master basic art techniques. The human face is the fundamental "real-life" subject in art. This unique program shows step-by-step just how this is achieved. Students are carefully and patiently taken through the process of drawing the human face in a way that even the youngest of students can appreciate. The proportions of the face are mapped out, as well as some techniques from the finest art institutions in the world.