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K4467 - Hitting For Excellence Workshop & Vision Training

Hitting For Excellence Workshop & Vision Training
Item No. K4467

Hitting For Excellence Workshop & Vision Training

Series: Baseball Hitting For Excellence
Item No: K4467
Length: 90 minutes
UPC: 183311000065
Copyright: 2005
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 5-Adult
Age Range: 11-Adult
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In the Workshop Drill Training section, Dave Hudgens teaches you drills that will make you an effective and knowledgeable hitting coach. These drills are successfully practiced and taught at the Major League level and now available in easy-to-follow, short segments. Learn these time tested and proven strategies to guarantee your success. Teaches genuine, proven, vision training techniques used by the United States Air Force (for their best fighter pilots), the Anaheim Angels, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Texas Rangers, and the Oakland Athletics. No matter what your skill level, you will not be a successful player if you can't see what you are hitting. This program teaches a one-of-a-kind fun way to miraculously improve the way your see, recognize and react to fast moving objects. Doctors call it improving your dynamic Visual Acuity, and it's the one element that's missing from everyone's training programs. Tracking the ball, recognizing your pitch and lightening fast reaction times are the keys to success at the plate.