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K4679 - Earth Science A Look At Geology

Earth Science A Look At Geology
Item No. K4679

Earth Science A Look At Geology

Series: Show Me Science Earth Science
Item No: K4679
Length: 13 minutes
UPC: 709629046795
Copyright: 2016
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 4-9
Age Range: 10-15
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Geology is the study of the Earth, its processes, its materials, its history and its effect on humans and life in general. Rocks, crystals, mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers, glaciers, landslides, floods, and many other subjects fall into this broad field of research. This program looks at how geologists perform a wide range of critical services, including determining the stability of building sites, finding abundant supplies of clean water and searching for valuable deposits of natural resources such as iron, coal, and oil. More importantly, they also work to minimize the threat to communities at risk from geologic hazards.