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K875 - E Is For Elephant

E Is For Elephant
Item No. K875

E Is For Elephant

Item No: K875
Length: 22 minutes
UPC: 709629208759
Copyright: 2008
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: K-5
Age Range: 5-11
SRP: $29.95
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Introducing Curious Minds to the Wonders of Science and Language Arts. E is for Elephant helps students understand the relationship between science, our environment and our everyday world that is crucial to each student's success. This program helps students become literate in science by demonstrating science inquiry skills and teaching core curriculum topics about life science and environmental studies. Students learn about elephants' life cycle, observable features, such as appearance, size, motion, where they live and the interdependence of all-living creatures to the environment and each other. Encourages students to raise questions about the world around them and seek answers by using observation and technology tools. Students are inspired to go outside to explore animals and nature in their own backyard and neighborhood. Learning is extended beyond the classroom to informal settings that build on classroom curriculum and promote curious and engaged students. Teaches language skills through use of rhyming and wordplay and promotes an interest in reading for enjoyment and learning. Join us as we visit Shambala Sanctuary and Timbo, the Elephant and meet Serena, our curious and intrepid host, who gets up close and personal with the biggest and most fascinating creature on earth. Did you know that Elephants can run up to 25 miles an hours? Did you know that elephants have two fingers and where those fingers are located? Do you know why they're called pachyderms? This program teaches students the answers to these questions and many more. "E is for Elephant" is a fast-paced program that will leave students breathlessly amused and happily educated.