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Q510 - Anti Bullying How to Stamp Out Bullying at School & In the Classroom

Anti Bullying How to Stamp Out Bullying at School & In the Classroom
Item No. Q510

Anti Bullying How to Stamp Out Bullying at School & In the Classroom

Item No: Q510
Length: 175 minutes
UPC: 709629025103
Copyright: 2015
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Language: English
Grade Level: 6-12
Age Range: 12-18
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Offering insight into different facets of bullying at school, the Anti Bullying Kit goes beyond the bystander, the bully or the victim, to get to the underlying causes of bullying in the classroom. Host Keith Deltano uses comedy to show students why they do what they do, how to change their behavior as well as the tools and resources to ignite powerful dialogue and prevent bulling in the classroom. How to Bully Proof your Classroom: Strategies for Teachers - An ideal tool to empower teachers, this workshop gives teachers, administrators and district supervisors, simple strategies they can use to reduce bullying in their schools. Educators will learn how to break down social hierarchies and cliques, how to help excluded students become included and how to deal with online bullying. Administrators and teachers will learn a simple system and how to empower other parents and students to live a bully free life. (74 min). How to Bully Proof your Teen: Strategies for Parents - This program empowers and educates parents to help build resilient teens and how to handle bullying situations. They'll learn how to teach a non-emotional response when dealing with a classroom bully as well as strong character building skills to "bully proof" their teen. It shows parents how to deal with classroom drama, texting and social media sites such as facebook and instagram. Parents discover how to monitor and control the use of social media in their home, how to use technology to monitor and limit the amount of time teens spend on social media sites. (47 min). Anti-Bullying Scenarios Play-by-Play - With a comic glimpse into homes and classrooms this program uses comedy clips to address bullying in a way that captivates students and shows them how they can change their behavior. It defines the four forms of bullying - physical, verbal, exclusion and online and encourages bystanders to be upstanders and challenges students to take a stand against hate, racism and intolerance. Students will learn how much damage they can do to others and themselves through the misuse of social media. They'll discover that much of what they put online is permanent and that cyber bullying is a prosecutable offense. It takes a look at the different roles of the victim, bully and bystander, along with actual ways the bystander can intervene and how the victim can stop being a victim. Deltano challenges the youth and adults in the audience to contemplate how they view each another. The scene "Labels Lie" is about acceptance. It shows students how to make new friends by reaching out and encourages students to stop judging each another by appearance, speech, or economic status. It talks about trash throwing and trash catching, haters and hate catching, bullies and bystanders and takes the unusual approach of addressing the mindset of the bully as well as those being bullied. (54 min). Host Keith Deltano - Keith Deltano is a winner of the Teaching Excellence Award as well as the National Impact Award for his work with at risk youth and families and was listed in the Who's Who of America's Teachers. Deltano was granted The National Impact Award for his work in parent outreach and education and worked as a public middle school teacher, private counselor, youth worker and US Army Airborne Military Police officer. Keith inspires students by drawing on his own educational journey where he struggled with learning disabilities and dealt with bullying at school as a result of "being different". Resource Guide - The resource guide contains questions for classroom and student discussion and student activities to enforce the key concepts.


"Highly recommended. Energetic host Keith Deltano takes a spirited approach to handling bullying in this three-part lecture informational series. In the first volume, Bully Proof Your Classroom, Strategies for Teachers, Deltano-who modestly describes himself as a "cross between Mother Teresa and Arnold Schwarzenegger," uses onscreen text to illustrate points as he shares personal stories from his years of experience as a middle school teacher. Topics covered include favoritism, loving the kids who may be outcasts ("I don't know what it is about Star Wars and social awkwardness, but they seem to go together"), breaking up social hierarchies, using Socratic techniques with pushy parents, and making an example of the bully (well-publicized punishment as a strong deterrent). Includes tips for being proactive about bullying online (a very helpful primer) and Bully Proof Your Teen: Strategies for Parents and Anti-Bullying Scenarios: Play-By-Play, this series is highly recommended." -Video Librarian, 2016 / "This is one of the most impactful anti bullying programs that we have conducted. Mr. Deltano was very entertaining yet provided an important message on how to respond to bullying and also how to treat others well. Students' retention of his strategies was high and his message to the parents was equally well received. It was energizing and reinforcing to our positive school culture." - Scott Schiller, Principal, Southside Elementary School, Powell WY. "Keith's anti bullying assembly hit the perfect tone for out middle schoolers. The right blend of humor and serious truth. Great program." - Catherine Hollinger, Principal, Readington Middle School, Whitehouse Station, NJ