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A7037 - Yoga For Health For Spinal Problems

Yoga For Health For Spinal Problems
Item No. A7037

Yoga For Health For Spinal Problems

Series: Yoga For Health
Item No: A7037
Length: 23 minutes
UPC: 709629070370
Copyright: 2005
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 10-Adult
Age Range: 16-Adult
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YOGA is an ancient Indian form of balancing mind and body through breath control and a series of asanas. It aims to attain the unity of mind, body and spirit through asanas, breathing and meditation. Asanas are gentle stretching movements designed to rejuvenate the brain, spine, glands and internal organs. They work by increasing the blood and oxygen supply to these areas by stimulating them with a gentle squeezing action. Asanas help to relax body and mind together. Stretching helps to relax and tone the muscles to improve the circulation, to regain the vital force or energy, lose or gain weight, feel and look young and improve concentration. Yoga - Spinal Problems: Yoga positions or asanas are the best for toning muscles, lubricating joints and massaging the body. Yoga postures bring physical as well as mental stability, health and vigor. These asanas were developed thousands of years ago and have evolved over centuries. They work wonders in keeping the body healthy and the mind peaceful. It stretches and strengthens every muscle, ligament and joint in the body. The postures work synergistically and cumulatively to warm up the muscles and joints in a systematic way, thus, returning the body into a balanced state. The DVD contains a unique "Real Time" workout program that lets us focus only on the performance of the asanas, while the program leads you through the sequenced asanas with audio assisted timing. This program covers asanas for spinal problems including: Padmasana, Tadasana, Vajrasana, Ustrasana, Vakrasana, Jatra Parivruttasana, Sarpasana, Bhujangasana, Ekapada Salabasana, Dhanurasana, Navasana and Savasana. Featuring The Yoga Master - Dr.Sujatha. Dr.Sujatha is the first Indian to receive a Doctorate in Yoga and completed a study on how asanas, pranayama and meditation effect the mind and body. With her unique style of teaching traditional yogic sciences, Dr.Sujatha is the founder and Director of Power Management Consultancy and Patanjali Yoga Vidya Kendram.