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F615 - Voice Workout For The Actor

Voice Workout For The Actor
Item No. F615

Voice Workout For The Actor

Item No: F615
Length: 33 minutes
UPC: 70962911
Copyright: 2005
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 9-Adult
Age Range: 15-Adult
SRP: $99.00
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Voice expert Susan Leigh provides the actor with a complete voice and body warm-up. The sequence includes full-body relaxation and stretching, followed by exercises for pitch and resonance, clarity, dynamic vocal control. This popular program can be use in a group setting or by the individual and serves as an effective preparation for classes, rehearsals and performance. Use three to four times per week for maximum effectiveness.


"Four Stars - Highly Recommended!" - Video Rating Guide For Libraries "An excellent 30 minute whole-body workout. Unlike exercise tapes, this program is appropriately low key and relaxing, since it is meant to prepare - not tire - the actor for performance." - Stage Directions