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K4851 - Veins, Paint, Teeth, Sneakers, Glue, Cellphones, Yawning

Veins, Paint, Teeth, Sneakers, Glue, Cellphones, Yawning
Item No. K4851

Veins, Paint, Teeth, Sneakers, Glue, Cellphones, Yawning

Series: Curious About Science
Item No: K4851
Length: 30 minutes
UPC: 709629248519
Copyright: 2018
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-Adult
Age Range: 14-Adult
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Veins, Paint, Teeth, Sneakers, Glue, Cellphones, Yawning. Find out about the inner workings and origins of the things that pique your curiosity. Veins: Veins are small elastic colorless tubes or blood vessels that carry blood circulating around the body from the various organs back to the heart. Paint: Paint has been around since prehistoric times used by our homo sapiens ancestors thousands of years ago and moving forward humans as a species have been using paint in one form or the other ever since. Teeth: Teeth are the small white calcified structures that are found in the mouths of most vertebrates. Teeth are primarily used for chewing and breaking down food for digestion. Most carnivorous animals however have a sharper type of teeth that are also utilized for hunting and self-defense. Sneakers: Sneakers or rubber shoes have become commonplace in today's modern world. For many, sneakers continue to be the footwear of choice from casual day to day use to more extreme activities like sports. Glue: A glue or adhesive is a substance that is used to bond different surfaces or quite simply, it is used to stick things together. The first types of glue were naturally occurring adhesives like tar, beeswax, egg whites, plant gum and animal glue. These were used by our ancestors for thousands of years. Cellphones: A cellphone or mobile phone is a device that is used to make and receive wireless calls. Yawning: Yawning is a reflex where a deep inhalation of air is accompanied by the stretching of eardrums. This is quickly followed by an exhalation of breath.