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K4633 - Understanding Clouds Meteorological Wonders

Understanding Clouds Meteorological Wonders
Item No. K4633

Understanding Clouds Meteorological Wonders

Series: Show Me Science Earth Science
Item No: K4633
Length: 15 minutes
UPC: 709629046337
Copyright: 2014
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 4-9
Age Range: 10-15
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Meteorologists studying the microphysical processes of clouds are learning more about what occurs naturally inside clouds. By increasing fundamental knowledge of complex cloud structure and the chemical and electrical mechanisms that trigger changes, weather and climate forecast models improve. Scientists and geophysicists are utilizing the newest technology to explore known and speculative information about cloud structures and mechanisms.



3 Star. Recommended. Drawing on cutting-edge research in the study of clouds, Understanding Clouds-an entry in the Show Me Science series-notes that clouds are a dynamic force in climate science. International efforts to improve computer models for predicting weather are yielding more insights into what goes on inside clouds and their role in determining how solar activity affects the Earth. Viewers will learn about the different kinds (and functions) of clouds, including which ones impact global warming. Subtopics include turbulence (which can play a major role in cloud composition and behavior), new technologies for creating clouds in the laboratory, and the use of satellites and airplanes to dissect data on clouds overhead. Other titles in the series include Meteorology, Spring Water from the Sea, and Drilling Desert Sands. - Video Librarian