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T8930 - Travel Safe, Not Sorry  Discover Mexico

Travel Safe, Not Sorry Discover Mexico
Item No. T8930

Travel Safe, Not Sorry Discover Mexico

Series: Travel Safe, Not Sorry
Item No: T8930
Length: 45 minutes
UPC: 709629089303
Copyright: 2016
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-Adult
Age Range: 14-Adult
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Host Tobias brings you along on his adventures to Mexico and reveals that the activities he's been a bit scared to do are actually a lot of fun, as long as you travel safe, not sorry! With the help of experts and enthusiasts, discover interesting tips and how to avoid a variety travel hazards while visiting some of the most beautiful parts of Mexico. In this episode visit Yucatan, Mexico and hit the water to free dive in one of the cenotes. Visit the home of John Ventator Art collector of Mexican Death folk art. Go deep into the heart of Mexico's largest rain forest to visit The Cave of Bats and discover the Kalcu Jungle for some of the greatest ruins on earth.

This exciting, beautiful and above all fun travel series takes you on a journey, from backyard adventures to exotic locations. With the help of experts and enthusiasts you'll uncover interesting tips on some of the city's most exciting locations and the key travel hazards to avoid. So how do you complete your bucket list, without kicking the bucket? Host traveler, Tobias Scott takes you on a variety of adventures with the aim to give you the confidence to try things you never thought you could. Whether it's climbing a 100-foot ice wall, paragliding off a rocky cliff, exploring underwater caves, searching for Mayan ruins in Mexico, or throwing the dice at craps for the first time, Tobias will show you that things you may have always wanted to try aren't as crazy as they seem!