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K9175 - Tell Me How About Fun Jobs

Tell Me How About Fun Jobs
Item No. K9175

Tell Me How About Fun Jobs

Series: Tell Me How Career Opportunities For Young People
Item No: K9175
Length: 84 minutes
UPC: 709629091757
Copyright: 2006
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 4-8
Age Range: 10-14
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Career Education & Opportunities for Young People. This program looks at the following careers Disc Jockey, Guitar Maker, Runway Model, Hockey Player, Park Ranger, Sports Agent. DISC JOCKEY: What is the difference between disc jockey and a radio talk show host? GUITAR MAKER: What types of wood are used in making a guitar? RUNWAY MODEL: How do you become a runway model? What is a go-see, call back, portfolio? HOCKEY PLAYER: What makes a good hockey player? What is Cardio Conditioning? PARK RANGER: How does one become a park ranger? What kind of license is needed to be a park ranger? SPORTS AGENT: What is an endorsement? What are the key aspects to being a sports agent?



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