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K4886 - Rome, Kansas, Venice, Buenos Aires, Macao, Dallas, Florence

Rome, Kansas, Venice, Buenos Aires, Macao, Dallas, Florence
Item No. K4886

Rome, Kansas, Venice, Buenos Aires, Macao, Dallas, Florence

Item No: K4886
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Featuring Rome, Kansas, Venice, Buenos Aires, Macao, Dallas, Florence. ROME, Italy's capital city is sprawling with up to 3,000 years of art, architecture, and culture that's visually arresting and food for the soul. Add to that the historical ancient ruins you've always heard about. The Coliseum, all symbolic of the former Roman Empire. Rome is home to the Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. It is also where you'll find the Basilica of St. Peter, and the rest of the Vatican Museums, which feature the world class masterpieces such as Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes. St. Peter's Basilica, the mother of all churches is best known for Michelangelo's Pieta. Romans are addicted to coffee, and well, soccer! Calcio or soccer is one of their favorite past times--both true for males and females. Last but not least--food. Romans are well-versed in culinary. Their food is considered one of the tastiest in Italy! Hearty, comfort food are what diners are after, when in Rome.The most popular ones are the pasta amatriciana (pasta made with tomatoes, pancetta and a little bit of onion), pasta carbonara (pasta made with egg, black pepper, guanciale and pecorino cheese), cacio e pepe (pasta made simply with lots of black pepper and pecorino cheese). Their antipastis are popular as well, such as the carciofi alla romana (Roman-style artichokes), olive ascolane (fried olives stuffed with ham), arancini and suppli (fried rice balls made with mozzarella and tomato), and more! KANSAS is a state in the Great Plains region of the United States It is generally considered the center of the country, at least geographically, thus its nickname, the heart of America A slice of classic America, Kansas is known for its rugged cowboy culture and sweeping prairies. "Home, home on the range," are words from the state's official song Tourists are often curious to visit and stay on its authentic cattle ranches, that range from rustic to luxurious Kansas also offers a rich Native American history, with several museums devoted to the American Indian tribes Up to today, there are still many of the original tribes residing in Kansas. Kansas is in fact, named after the Kansa Native American tribe, which once inhabited the area The name is believed to mean "people of the wind" or "people of the south wind"The tribes today generally live along the villages near the river valleys. VENICE St. Mark's Square is certainly one of the most popular, and it's especially beautiful when there are little people in it. Early morning or late in the evening, you might find the square to just a few people. Venice isn't quite known for its nightlife. Next thing you should try is the Grand Canal TourAside from walking around Venice, it's through this tour that you should also see the city.The Grand Canal only has a few bridge crossings and taking a ride on one of the city's water-buses is definitely a must-try! A lot of tourists also frequent the Murano Island This is where glass-blowing demos are held. It's is both entertaining and educational at the same time. Then, another island in the Venice lagoon is worth the trip. Catch a vaporetto to Milano, instead of a boat, and then walk around the streets! BUENOS AIRES (Why do people flock to the captivating Buenos Aires? Perhaps, it's the vibe of nostalgia and cosmopolitan ambition that summons them. All of them have enlivened the capital city, pushing it forward to be one of the most talked-about travel destinations to date. One of the popular spots in Buenos Aires is the Recoleta Cemetery You should also know that Buenos Aires is called the Paris of the South for another reason: Coffee Buenos Aires' lively cafe culture emulates Parisian appeal! Then there's the Doge's Palace, which many consider as the second most important stop after the basilica.It is partly connected to, and stands almost right next to the basilica. It is called the Palazzo Ducale in Italian. MACAO is known as the city where Eastern and Western cultures meet. The city's charm rests in the contrast between old and new, antiques and fashion, traditional and modern. Macao also has a reputation for being Asia's largest destination for gambling The city is also a major port for trade, between the countries China, Japan, India, and Europe. One of the top destinations in Macao is the Museum of Macao, the biggest one in the region! It's got superb collections of its culture and history, dating back from the Neolithic period, up to today This is the place to be if you want a historic, general idea of what Macao will be all about. DALLAS, the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States It is a major city in the state of Texas, known as a center for its oil and cotton industries, and its position along railroad lines. The city has an ideal location, right in the center of the U.S., making it conducive for Texan tax breaks Because of this, Dallas has then developed to become one of the leading corporate destinations in the country. There are 24 Fortune 500 companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. ExxonMobil, AT&T, Fluor, and Commercial Metals are some of the notable ones. The Dallas Convention Center is one of the mostly expansive and highly-trafficked facilities of its kind in the world because of the city's popularity as a business destination. Dallas is home to four teams from each of the major sports!There's the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, the MLB's Texas Rangers, the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, and the NHL's Dallas Stars. FLORENCE . The capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and the Metropolitan City of Florence. Florence was in fact the center of European trade and finance during the medieval times. It is also referred to as the birthplace of the Renaissance, thus its nickname the Athens of the Middle ages. From 1865 to 1871, Florence was a city considered capital of the recently established Kingdom of Italy. Each year, up to 13 million tourists attract the historic center of Florence. Florence's architecture boasts an amazement that only the city can offer. The popular Duomo encompasses the city, especially with its magnificent height and grandeur. The equally tall Campanile of the Duomo rings its bell throughout the day, and each day, people look forward to it, being one of the famous sounds of Florence. The palazzi, or the buildings, that are frequented in the city remain one of the must-sees of its yearly visitors. There's the Ponte Vecchio or the Old Bridge, which is the only bridge that remains intact, and wasn't destroyed by the Nazis during the time of the 2nd World War.