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C27 - Rolfing

Item No. C27


Series: Alternative Health
Item No: C27
Length: 50 minutes
UPC: 709629000278
Copyright: 2006
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 10-Adult
Age Range: 16-Adult
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This comprehensive video discusses how Rolfing, a unique bodywork technique founded by Ida Rolf, aims to increase muscular length and overall balance by allowing the body to achieve optimal posture. This film outlines the ten specific deep connective tissue bodywork sessions involved in Rolfing which allow the body to achieve postural alignment thereby enabling the body to reduce stress and strains, and use energy more efficiently. Learn the origins and philosophy behind Rolfing; the different techniques used and the applications of Rolfing. Includes a sample session, case examples and demonstrations.