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Q398 - Real Life Teens Guns at School - How Safe Do Teens Feel?

Real Life Teens Guns at School - How Safe Do Teens Feel?
Item No. Q398

Real Life Teens Guns at School - How Safe Do Teens Feel?

Series: Real Life Teens
Item No: Q398
Length: 20 minutes
UPC: 709629023987
Copyright: 2013
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-12
Age Range: 14-18
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Gun violence is a growing problem among teens in America. One of the most frightening trends over the last several years has been the rise of gun-related violence at school. A number of reasons have been cited for the emergence of this disturbing phenomenon. Some of these include the widespread availability of guns, escalating levels of violence in video games and media violence and rising levels of teen alienation and rage. This program discusses the causes of violence in schools, gun control and ultimately asks the question "do students feel safe at school?" Teens discuss the following subjects and give their thoughts on - How safe they feel at school? How easy is it for a student to bring a gun into school? How do they feel about guns at school? Have they ever been exposed to guns? What should a student do if they know someone is planning on carrying a gun or weapon into school? Are they influenced by media violence? Should teachers be armed? An ideal thought provocaing program, that provides an unbiased and realistic look from the perspective of teens, at the issue of gun violence. Featuring young teenagers telling their real stories, in their own words. It offers unprecedented access into the hidden teen world that's insightful, fascinating and provocative. Told from the perspective of teens, this program confronts the trauma and drama of coping and surviving in today's often confusing world.


3 Stars - Recommended - Video Librarian. Designed to encourage soul-searching and dialogue about the terrifying phenomenon of gun violence in American schools, this documentary features several adult and student interviewees who offer opinions and insights about the epidemic. Teachers, counselors and kids weigh in, suggesting that the easy availability of guns is a primary factor in school shootings, along with the most obvious social contributors, such as bullying. There is also a helpful overiew about the psychology of adolescence, how the "job" of teens is to develop some autonomy form parents and join a community of peers in preparation for adulthood. If this development stage is thwarted, then a sense of isolation can result: bringing a gun to school may create a feeling of compensatory empowerment. Related issues - should teachers carry guns on campus? - are also addressed, but most of the kids here are skeptical that a straightforward solution to the crisis will be found. School shootings have been found at least since 1920, but the rate has dramatically accelerated in recent years. - Video Librarian