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L7074 - Orientation for New Hires

Orientation for New Hires
Item No. L7074

Orientation for New Hires

Series: Employee Excellence for HR Directors
Item No: L7074
Length: 6 minutes
UPC: 709629270749
Copyright: 2019
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-Adult
Age Range: 14-Adult
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In this program we'll learn the three important components of business and learn about skills, behavior and relationships. We'll learn how to be an exemplary employee. Whether on-line or in-store, selling a product or performing a service, companies that put their employees first are usually the most successful in reaching their long term goals. Most successful businesses thrive on good management and employee relations. Managers deserve your respect. The employee deserves to be treated as a valuable team member. The world of business takes a lifetime of education. No matter how much you learned in school, a textbook will never be able to teach you as well as actually going out and doing it for yourself.