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KF525 - Newton's Wagon  Understanding Motion

Newton's Wagon Understanding Motion
Item No. KF525

Newton's Wagon Understanding Motion

Series: Science Fundamentals
Item No: KF525
Length: 17 minutes
UPC: 709629025257
Copyright: 2000
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 3-6
Age Range: 9-12
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The Science Fundamentals series presents basic concepts in the physical sciences in a fun, hands-on manner using easy to understand experiments and activities. Learn about Newton's three laws of motion and how they apply to everything we do. Live Action Activities Include: Newton's cradle, Thump, Balloon rocket, Ball demo, Skateboard and Wagon demo.


2 1/2 Stars. - Video Librarian. "A personable science teacher demonstrates Isaac Newton's three laws of motion in this lively new entry in a science fundamentals series. Students are shown performing simple experiments that demonstrate motion principles. Computer graphics spice up the presentation and onscreen captions reinforce key principles and definitions. This remains a useful, reasonably priced program that may inspire similar classroom experiments." - Candace Smith, Booklist. "The onscreen host, Lynn Syvante teaches three middle grade kids about Newton's three laws of motion. Live-action footage, computer-generated animation and graphics mixed with fun activities make this an enjoyable video. The program illustrates Newton's laws of motion in an entertaining manner using a Newton's Cradle, a toy car race, jumping from a platform on wheels, a baloon rocket and a Newton's wagon. The realistic activities illustrating Newton's three laws of motion sty onscreen long enough to be copied and will appeal to students. The technical and audio aspects are good and the teaching aspects are met. The teacher's guide includes correlations to the National Science Educational Standards Benchmarks. This fun video will keep the attention of the targeted viewers and provides teachers with an additional way to meet different learning styles. A nice enrichment purchase for science curriculums and for public libraries." - Kathy Dummer, School Library Journal.