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A7028 - Natural Born Babies Modern Day, Natural Childbirth

Natural Born Babies Modern Day, Natural Childbirth
Item No. A7028

Natural Born Babies Modern Day, Natural Childbirth

Item No: A7028
Length: 24 minutes
UPC: 709629070288
Copyright: 2009
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: Adult
Age Range: 25-Adult
SRP: $29.95
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Natural Born Babies presents a modern account of today's natural childbirth. Told by 10 mothers, this program chronicles their journeys to challenge the conventional hospital birth model to give birth in their own way. Resurgence interest in natural childbirth has led a record number of women to midwife-directed centers, where high-quality care combined with a nurturing environment is at the forefront of a movement. This movement seeks to dispel the inaccurate picture and practices of modern Western medicine. Gone are the days when midwifery was primitive and outdated. The modern midwife is presented in this film as she puts women and children first. Lorri Walker, RNC, NP, CNM, one of Southern California's best-known midwives, shares her insights and wisdom overcoming the medical model of birth. Birth professionals often overlook and disregard important subjects about birth. Hear an honest account of birth plans, Cesarean Sections, safety, unnecessary interventions and reluctant fathers as they are addressed - perfect for persuading any skeptic. This program attempts to separate midwifery from a tarnished reputation and years of misinformation and negative publicity that has been propagated by the medical community.


This could be a commercial for our mission statement! It's everything I'd want people to know about evidenced-based care and choice in birth. - Birth Matters, Virginia Judging Panel. "A powerful argument for natural birth - good work!" - Dr. Sarah Buckley