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L4802 - Modern Moliere The Misanthrope

Modern Moliere The Misanthrope
Item No. L4802

Modern Moliere The Misanthrope

Series: Modern Moliere
Item No: L4802
Length: 30 minutes
UPC: 709629048027
Copyright: 2007
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-Adult
Age Range: 14-Adult
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SRP: $69.95
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Moliere's Best Known Comedy set in Contemporary Los Angeles. Based on the Classic Play, The Misanthrope. In this modern adaptation of Moliere's classical comedy The Misanthrope, ageless themes of misguided love are hilariously retold. Alceste, a reclusive curmudgeon, is disenchanted with the world. He falls in love with the flirtatious Celimene, a beautiful but very shallow woman. Told in tandem with Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, Moliere's best-known work today, satirizes the hypocrisies of French aristocratic society of his time. This updated version is set in contemporary Los Angeles against the backdrop of L.A. music scene and recording industry, but the characters and moral themes are recognizably linked to Moliere's classic comedy. Written entirely in verse, the Misanthrope's meter is understandable to students and its poetic structure will be appreciated by Moliere scholars.