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K4037 - Kids Go To Court

Kids Go To Court
Item No. K4037

Kids Go To Court

Item No: K4037
Length: 18 minutes
UPC: 709629040373
Copyright: 2005
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 5-9
Age Range: 11-15
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A fun educational program teaching kids about the Justice System & court procedures. Across the country kids have to go to court for a variety of reasons. This program shows children how courts work and what they have to do if they are in a courtroom. Kids can be witnesses just like adults and their testimony can make a difference to the outcome of a trial or proceeding. This program combines live action and animation to teach kids about the justice system and demonstrates court procedures through a mock trial. Children will learn how societal disputes result in a trial, the role of lawyers, judges, bailiffs, the jury and witnesses. After viewing the program, they'll have a better understanding of the role of the court system in society and the importance of trials. Subjects Covered Include:The Court House. Courtroom. Trial. Jury. Judge. Attorney. Bailiff. Witness. Oath. Jury Box. Court Reporter. Swearing In. Defense. Prosecution. Criminal. Civil. Law. Evidence. Verdict. Cross Examination. Objections. The program is perfect for use by teachers, attorneys, social service agencies, parents and guardians in preparing children for a courtroom appearance as well as for general education about the justice system.


Winner - Academy Foundation's Nicholls Fellowship in Screenwriting. "Combining live action and animation, this program provides an easy to understand, fast paced primer on how a jury trial works ...Most of the DVD consists of a mock trial in which the key witness is an elementary grader who saw a fender bender accident while at recess. Approximately 20 key words ranging from "objections" to"bailiff" to "evidence" are explained....Younger viewers will enjoy this DVD and learn some important facts about what happens in a court room...This program will teach youngsters about our justice system and help to allay some of the fears of young children who have to appear in court as witnesses." - School Library Journal.