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F2654 - Independent Movie Making On Budget, On Schedule

Independent Movie Making On Budget, On Schedule
Item No. F2654

Independent Movie Making On Budget, On Schedule

Item No: F2654
Length: 6 hrs minutes
UPC: 70962911
Copyright: 2008
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 9-Adult
Age Range: 15-Adult
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SRP: $399.00
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A must see for aspiring and established film makers. You can't make a film without a budget - this series is a fantastic primer on Budgets for Film for Real-World filmmaking taught by filmmakers. An important tool you can't afford to make your movie without! Diane Cornell, DGA Unit Production Manager, Line Producer and Producer solves the puzzle of on budget movie making with real world knowledge and practical experience. This comprehensive series covers everything from pre-production through post including, choice of script, budget breakdown, common budgeting pitfalls, working with your director for maximum efficiencies and impact, shot lists, equipment estimation and developing a strategy for your budget design. Question and answer, open mic discussions are included with the filmmaking audience providing real life answers to decisions that affect cost, production value, safety issues, personnel motivation and management. Comes complete with budget sample with a script for the breakdown process. 6 DVD SET 9 Hours. Disc 1: Money & Financing - Politics of money, Your script, Budget strategy, Financing, Unions, The crew, Loss & damage, Bonds-contingencies, SAG Production reports, Set safety, Sexual harassment, Animals & children on set. Disc 2: Promoting & Motivating Your Crew - Actors, Networking & reputation, Getting Started in Film, Line producer, The job of the UPM, Keeping costs low. Disc 3: Breaking Down Your Script - Script timing, Title and script clearance, Review of the one line, The call sheet, Daily production reports. Disc 4, 5 and 6: Contain review of a simple budget line-by-line relating to costs and planning from Above-The-Line through Post-Production, with Q&A throughout. Disc 4: Budget Review ATL/BTL - ATL and cast , Production BTL costs, Cost reporting, Variance reports. Disc 5: Budget Review BTL - Purchase orders, Tech scouting, On-set issues, Construction, Equipment for grip/electric/camera, Problem solving. Disc 6: Budget Review Post-Production - Editorial & post-production, Music, Insurance, Importance of quotes, Signatory packages, Bond companies.


"Diane delivers the goods no holds barred. She breezes right through the production process with a clarity and logic that even a novice can appreciate." - Reinhard Schreiner, Post Production Supervisor/Sound Editor. "From budgeting in pre-production, accounting in production, to ensuring a smooth post-production and final delivery, Diane is highly capable in all phases of a production." - Marilyn Vance, Producer & Oscar Nominated Costume Designer.