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P411 - Improving Your Intuition

Improving Your Intuition
Item No. P411

Improving Your Intuition

Item No: P411
Length: 45 minutes
UPC: 709629004115
Copyright: 2006
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 9-Adult
Age Range: 15-Adult
SRP: $29.95
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Improve Your Intuition - How? By learning the techniques and exercises used by the leading intuitive experts. Produced in cooperation with the Intuition Network, this program contains interviews with prominent intuitive development professionals - authors, scientists, validated psychics and a psychiatrist. Intuition is "knowledge gained without rational thought" like a "hunch" or "gut feeling" and it is within all of us. Did you know that your intuition is a muscle that can be developed and strengthened? Join us as we answer the question: How can I improve my intuition?


What could have been a 45-minute segment of talking heads is instead a compelling documentary with interesting angles and effects. - Atlantic City Magazine. "Journal writing, visualizing issues and goals, playing guessing games based on real life situations and paying close attention to dreams are a few of the previously well-kept secrets these elite members of the 'Intuition Network' share with audiences." - Billboard. "If your intuition isn't as sharp as you'd like it to be, check out this program which features experts in the field of intuition and business management offering techniques and exercises." - L.A. Times.