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L7086 - Heartsounds - Transforming Your Life

Heartsounds - Transforming Your Life
Item No. L7086

Heartsounds - Transforming Your Life

Series: The Wellness Series
Item No: L7086
Length: 5 minutes
UPC: 709629270862
Copyright: 2020
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-Adult
Age Range: 14-Adult
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SRP: $29.99
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Heartsounds is an award winning movie that has been featured in 12 film festivals. It tells a story about a young woman's lifelong fascination with penguins and how they transformed her life in time of need. There are 40 species of these flightless birds that make their home in the South Pole. Newborns must stay out of the ocean until their feathers are waterproof and depend on their parents to provide food and shelter. Like humans, not all penguin chicks look the same. They vary in size and plumage color. But bonding is an important part of raising a penguin, and the parents kiss their babies a lot. Family and friends provide a loving support network in towns and villages called rookeries. As they get older, penguins proudly spread their wings and assume the role of a responsible adult. They are highly social birds and chatter a lot to each other. They are not aggressive and argue with civility. Each penguin has a distinct call that allows them to find their mates. They are not afraid of humans but they do know the world is full of danger. Their main predator is the leopard seal - but they must also be cautious of wild dogs, ferel rats, and predatory birds. Their survival is also threatened by pollution, fishing, oil spills, algae blooms, and global warming. For safety, they generally enter and leave the sea in large groups. They love to bathe and can swim 5-6 miles per hour and stay underwater for 10-15 minutes. Did you know they average 70 feathers per square inch and spend several hours a day caring for their feathers? Often, they dance for joy and sing when they see someone they love. Sometimes they just stop and admire the view. Penguins mourn the death of their babies. A whole colony can be affected by the loss and hunch over in a state of grief. How deeply they care. How painful their loss. Gathering brought comfort. They teach us that hearts talk in ways only love can hear.