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CH10015 - Healing a Marriage When Trust is Broken

Healing a Marriage When Trust is Broken
Item No. CH10015

Healing a Marriage When Trust is Broken

Series: Love & Marriage Christian Solutions
Item No: CH10015
Length: 21 minutes
UPC: 709629100152
Copyright: 2013
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: Adult
Age Range: 25-Adult
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When confronted with the pain of infidelity, chronic conflict and other severe challenges to a marriage, some couples simply give up and go their separate ways. However there are ways to heal a broken marriage. Faith and forgiveness are key. In this program couples who have "reconnected" and found ways to heal their marriages, reveal their personal struggles and talk openly about their spiritual journey and how they were able to save their marriage through forgiveness and faith. Subjects covered include: Divorce - A Common Reality, Divorce - The Alternative, Infidelity, Conflicts and Unhappiness in Marriage, Anger, Learning How To Communicate, Sharing Your Feelings, Surviving Adultery, Re-Building The Relationship, Marriage Expectations, Feelings Of Isolation, What is Real Love, How Marriages Work.