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K4274 - Golf Mind Unlocking The Real Game

Golf Mind Unlocking The Real Game
Item No. K4274

Golf Mind Unlocking The Real Game

Item No: K4274
Length: 55 minutes
UPC: 709629042742
Copyright: 2007
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 9-Adult
Age Range: 15-Adult
SRP: $29.95
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Features Academy Fellow Deepak Chopra, Famed golf course designer Robert Trent Jones Jr., Golf Pro & TV Commentator Tina Mickelson, Dr. Joe Parent (Zen Golf), Fred Shoemaker (Extraordinary Golf), Head Coach & Author. Explore the mental side of golf, unleash its transformative power and learn how to be fully present in the game with this informative program that urges detachment from outcomes as a means to inspire you, your game and your life. Filmed at the World Business Academy, the program features Deepak Chopra, course designer Robert Trent Jones Jr., golf pro and commentator Tina Mickelson. Let the Pros help you find your best game! Most of the mistakes and anguish, in a round of golf start with a lack of real awareness. This program teaches how to turn off the noise and be truly present on the golf course. Together with practical tips to improve shotmaking, this program will help shave off your score and put more fun in your round. Deepak Chopra writes extensively on numerous topics, particularly the relationships between spirituality, science & everyday living. He is passionate about golf and developed an approach any golfer can follow. The results can be measured not only in increased enjoyment and skill, but in greater wisdom about life beyond the 18th hole. Curriculum Content Areas: Psychology, Sports, Motivation, Spirituality, Education.


"I got my mind opened. I hit golf shots I'd only dreamed of hitting." - Austin Murphy, Sports Illustrated. "I think the wealth and richness of golf is not just learning how to use your mind to play better golf, but learning from the game of golf to improve how you work with your mind." - Joe Parent, PhD. "... part golf and part search for the game's deeper meaning." - Golf Digest.