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F3031 - Everything you Need to Know About Scriptwriting

Everything you Need to Know About Scriptwriting
Item No. F3031

Everything you Need to Know About Scriptwriting

Series: Training in Digital Filmmaking
Item No: F3031
Length: 59 minutes
UPC: 709629230316
Copyright: 2011
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 11-Adult
Age Range: 17-Adult
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The course teaches: Screenwriting: Screenplay Format, Structure of Screenplay Format Acts 1,2 and 3, Concepts of Writing, Constructing Realistic Characters, Scene Sequence. Writing The Script: The written Word, Good Script Vs. Bad Script, Formatting - Key to Shooting, Writing Clearly, Developing The Story, The Components of a Screenplay, Creative Writing Techniques, Reaching the Unconscious Mind, Understanding the Creative Process, Developing Writing Habits, Editing work Vs. Creating the Story, Writing Consistency, The Nucleus of a Story. Script Development: Outline the Screenplay, Premise of the Story, Who are the Characters? What are their Necessities? What are the Conflicts? How the Story Will End, Making a Log Line, Setting a Genre for the Story, Consistent Theme, The First Draft. Delivering The Story:The Linear Screenplay, Flash Forward, Flash Back, Defining a Scene, Character Enhancement, Dramatic Contrast - Push Forward - Pull Back Methods, Mood of The Scenes, Revealing The Characters and Story to the Audience, Scriptwriting.