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K4684 - Engineering Solutions to Corrosion

Engineering Solutions to Corrosion
Item No. K4684

Engineering Solutions to Corrosion

Series: Show Me Science Advanced Technology
Item No: K4684
Length: 13 minutes
UPC: 709629246843
Copyright: 2018
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 6-12
Age Range: 12-18
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The serious consequences of corrosion on infrastructure have become a problem of worldwide concern. This material degradation is seen every day as corrosion causes plant shutdowns, the waste of valuable resources, loss and contamination of product, reduction in efficiency, and costly maintenance. Corrosion can also jeopardize safety and inhibit technological progress. This program looks at what scientists are doing to develop stronger materials that can stand the test of time and environmental conditions.