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K4664 - Earth Science Properties of Water

Earth Science Properties of Water
Item No. K4664

Earth Science Properties of Water

Series: Show Me Science Advanced Earth Science
Item No: K4664
Length: 12 minutes
UPC: 709629046641
Copyright: 2015
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 6-12
Age Range: 12-18
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Over seventy percent of the Earth is covered with water - around 326 million trillion gallons! Water is essential for life - it gives plants ability to create sugar for food and it helps humans regulate temperatures and nourishes and protects the brain, spinal cord and other tissues. Water is equally important to the environment due to the intricate balance of the water cycle. This program takes an in-depth look at the chemistry of water and its different states and how each of them affects the world around us.