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KA8909 - Circles & Arcs

Circles & Arcs
Item No. KA8909

Circles & Arcs

Series: Zero The Math Hero Geometry Tutor
Item No: KA8909
Length: 20 minutes
UPC: 709629089099
Copyright: 2012
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-12
Age Range: 14-18
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This program defines the term circle and how to find angle measures for central angles and arcs. The distance formula is used to find the length of a radius on a graph and the midpoint formula is reviewed in order to find the coordinates of the center of a circle on a graph. Perpendicular bisectors are also used in this lesson to find the center of a circle. Students will Learn: Diameter, Radius, Arc (minor, major, semicircle), Central Angle, Chord, Tangent, Secant.