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K4910 - Carbon, Gold, Neon, Zirconium, Antimony

Carbon, Gold, Neon, Zirconium, Antimony
Item No. K4910

Carbon, Gold, Neon, Zirconium, Antimony

Series: Everyday Elements in Science
Item No: K4910
Length: 30 minutes
UPC: 709629249103
Copyright: 2018
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-Adult
Age Range: 14-Adult
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The air we breathe out, diamonds, coal, plastic, and oil are objects very different from each other. But did you know that they share something in common? All things are composed mainly of carbon; an element we usually overlook because of its abundance and because it doesn't sound as catchy as gold or silver. Whether in living or nonliving beings; solid, liquid, or gas, carbon is there along with other elements.

A series that puts chemistry in our everyday experience by showing the living connection we have with the chemicals and elements that make up our world. The matter that built skies and seas, the atoms that make up you and me, the chemistry around us that forms the things we touch, smell and see. This series shows us what the objects in our universe and in our homes are made from and why the particles around us behave as they do. Everything around us is built from Everyday Elements.