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L7028 - The Truth About Deception and You

The Truth About Deception and You
Item No. L7028

The Truth About Deception and You

Series: Business Management & HR Training - Career Planning & Guidance
Item No: L7028
Length: 4 minutes
UPC: 709629270282
Copyright: 2019
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-Adult
Age Range: 14-Adult
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We will learn why we tell lies. We will learn statistics about deception. We will learn the cues and clues to spot if someone is being dishonest. Deception is defined as the intentional withholding of information or diliberately misleading information to a participant. We lie. Often for good reason - but we lie. Children can deceive as early as 6 months using fake laughter or pretend crying just to get attention. To maintain healthy relationships, it is a good idea to learn the clues when someone may not be telling the truth. Please keep in mind these are clues and, in and of themselves, may not prove guilt.

Ideal for HT Training, business management and career guidance the Award Winning Business Essentials series teaches students, educators, employees and managers the necessary steps to prepare, interview, find a great job, succeed in the workplace and understand what it takes to make a successful organization. To understand the components of a successful business, it's vital to look at the entire operation of a company and the workplace environment. This series looks at the training of every employee and manager in an organization from the top to the bottom and outlines the expectations for every temporary employee, new hire and seasoned professional. It brings new ideas and concepts into the business environment and teaches employees how to develop a positive self-image and develop accountability within the workplace. Students will learn how to prepare for their first job interview, the importance of self-confidence and how to develop a strong work ethic. They'll also learn how to prospect for jobs, how to write a resume, how to dress for success, how to communicate and "sell" themselves in an interview and how to gain a competitive edge in the workplace.