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K4593 - Medicine Advances in Technology & Science

Medicine Advances in Technology & Science
Item No. K4593

Medicine Advances in Technology & Science

Series: Show Me Science Physiology The Medical Series
Item No: K4593
Length: 14 minutes
UPC: 709629045934
Copyright: 2012
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 4-9
Age Range: 10-15
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In the next hundred years, medicine will change dramatically because of advances in technology and science. The new millennium is expected to bring in an age of less suffering, better health and longer life. Some scientists are predicting cures for cancer, heart disease and other diseases. Advances in engineering, chemistry and physics could change the way illnesses are diagnosed, treated and prevented. Students will learn about cloning a sheep, how scientists hope to rearrange atoms and molecules, one by one, to make atom-sized surgical robots that patients could swallow. This program examines what lies ahead for medicine and health in the new millennium.