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N9710 - Digital Cameras Made Easy

Digital Cameras Made Easy
Item No. N9710

Digital Cameras Made Easy

Item No: N9710
Length: 40 minutes
UPC: 709629097100
Copyright: 2005
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: Adult
Age Range: 25-Adult
SRP: $19.95
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A complete guide to purchasing and using your Digital Camera. Learn how a digital camera works, what you can do with a Digital Camera, the best way to get quality picture and how to buy the camera that's right for you. Step-by-step lessons include: The Digital Camera: How a Digital Camera works, using Digital film cards, camera settings, close ups, portraits, landscapes. Digital Camera Photos: Camera pixels, mega pixels, camera settings, re-sizing. Your Computer and Digital Imaging: Photo software, how to transfer images onto your computer, saving photos, file formats, email and uploading, printing photos and making a photo album.


3 Stars. Recommended. " Organized in chapters, this comprehensive title introduces digital camera basics. The program initially examines camera operation and features; the second section discusses pixels and picture resolutions and quality; the third tells how to manipulate, transfer, email and print photographs. The pacing & visual quality are excellent....An excellent primer. - Booklist. "Designed for the novice, Digital Cameras Made Easy introduces viewers to the hottest shutterbug advance since the invention of the Kodak "Brownie" - the digital camera. Divided into eight chapters, the program offers an overview of how digital cameras work (mega-pixels, settings, batteries), basic composition (close-ups, landscapes and action shots), digital imaging on a computer (including resizing, saving and printing photos from a computer as well as using the Internet to upload and/or email pictures) and using a commercial photo lab to produce prints. Well organized and widely applicable (the information presented here is non-brand specific), this title is recommended." - Video Librarian.