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K4881 - Athens, Lima, Helsinki, Doha, Munich, Barcelona, Milan,

Athens, Lima, Helsinki, Doha, Munich, Barcelona, Milan,
Item No. K4881

Athens, Lima, Helsinki, Doha, Munich, Barcelona, Milan,

Item No: K4881
Length: 30 minutes
UPC: 709629248816
Copyright: 2018
CC: Yes
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Language: English
Grade Level: 5-Adult
Age Range: 11-Adult
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Featuring Athens, Lima, Helsinki, Doha, Munich, Barcelona, Milan. ATHENS One of the oldest cities in the world, Athens, Greece, is in fact one of the coolest cities, too! What it offers is a healthy mix of the old and the new, promising a vibrant people, full of excitement and optimism. Firstly, the city is known for its historical destinations and amazing views. The city is also known for its hip and happening cafe culture. It's still very much the usual way of life in Athens, Greece. Old-school neighborhoods still have the little cafes that overlook the Acropolis. Athens also offers its fair share of arts and cultural spaces. LIMA may be one of the lesser known tourist destinations, but it's definitely worth the visit! Various districts of Lima, such as the Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco and Chorrillos are convenient places to take your bike. Lima is also known for its unique and interesting entertainment. There are parks dedicated to water and lights shows, with at least 13 water fountains in function! Barranco is the place to be. It is where people--locals and tourists alike--hangout at night. Barranco is the place to find art galleries, cafes, and bars. HELSINKI The largest city and the capital of Finland--Helsinki. The city is conveniently located between Tallinn, Stockholm and St. Petersburg, and on the north coast of the Gulf of Finland. It has slowly become the country's hub for business, research, education, culture, and government. Helsinki boasts of a vibrant seaside city, coupled with greenery, parks, and open spaces. There are also fine architecture, and more than 300 islands interconnected by a maze of bridges. DOHA the regional travel hub that connects cities all over Asia and Africa. Rich and extravagant, there are matchless things to do and experience here. For a cultural feat, there's the Museum of Islamic Art. Here you will find the world's finest collection of Persian rugs, Turkish mosaic, and damascene wood carvings. Walk through the grand halls and courtyards and you'll appreciate the cubism architect of the Muslim minaret. Doha is also the place where you can see an Arabian Oryx - or Mahas in Arabic. MUNICH The city of Munich holds a lot of great mystery, with a dozen of fun and unique things to do and discover. Most famous perhaps is the Oktoberfest. It lasts for 16 days, from late September to early October. It is a beer festival, celebrating the city's best, world-class beers in its huge halls and tents. Many tourists flock to the city for an Oktoberfest experience. Munich is also known for its open green spaces. The Christmas markets in Munich are also popular reasons for tourists to visit. Among the few, most well-known is the Christkindlmarkt, hailed for its very welcoming atmosphere that both tourists and the locals delight in. BARCELONA This sun-drenched place in Spain is teeming with attractions and activity you will surely want to take part in. Along Las Ramblas, you'll see rows of bars and traditional Catalan restaurants. The famous Placa Reial also has the best nightclubs in the city. Live bands, indie rock music, and the like keep the scene alive. The beaches in Barcelona are amazing as well. MILAN isn't much the first choice when visiting Italy, it is still worth the tour. A city of business and banking, shopping and fashion, you'll definitely fall in love with Milan. The commercial center of Italy, after all is known for its stylish catwalk and famous shops. Plus, it's got a list of hidden wonders for you to discover!