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K871 - Maritime Adventures Ferryboats

Maritime Adventures Ferryboats
Item No. K871

Maritime Adventures Ferryboats

Series: Maritime Adventures
Item No: K871
Length: 25 minutes
UPC: 709629208711
Copyright: 2007
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 6-12
Age Range: 12-18
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Every day, commerce, people and daily necessities are safely moved across our waters. Yet most people don't have any idea of what a harbor pilot does, or why ferryboats are so essential to many coastal communities. This award winning series is geared for children and a great teaching tool for parents and teachers. In Ferryboats, student Anna thinks ferries are a thing of the past ... until she rides one with her mom. She learns the history of ferries, how they are essential to the community and why working or operating one can be a fun experience.


3 stars! -Video Librarian. "A highly recommended addition to school and public library video collections for young viewers." - The Children's Book Watch. "This program will have wide appeal. ...full of facts and information." - Parent Council.