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Q333 - I Ain't Drunk I'm Just Drinking

I Ain't Drunk I'm Just Drinking
Item No. Q333

I Ain't Drunk I'm Just Drinking

Item No: Q333
Length: 39 minutes
UPC: 709629003330
Copyright: 1998
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 8-12
SRP: $69.95
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This program deals openly with the drinking problems faced by many of today's minors and exposes them to the grave repercussions of their actions. It provides students with the necessary insights into and information about the serious consequences of underage drinking - allowing them to make educated, responsible decisions regarding their future. Includes detailed accounts by teenagers whose lives have been dramatically changed by drinking alcohol along with factual information by scientists and law enforcement specialists.


“I was extremely impressed not only by the content of the program but also by the gripping honesty of those of those who shared their most personal experiences... it is the true-life stories of “real” people that have the greatest effect on young people. The message in the program is clear and to the point and seems to leave no stone unturned.” - Jane Heady, Executive Director, MADD, Litchfield County, Connecticut.