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F2700 - Horror & Special FX Makeup

Horror & Special FX Makeup
Item No. F2700

Horror & Special FX Makeup

Item No: F2700
Length: 44 minutes
UPC: 70962911
Copyright: 2013
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 10-Adult
Age Range: 16-Adult
SRP: $79.95
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Hosted by Michael Berryman. This program breaks down serveral techniques that can be used to create a multitude of monsters and FX characters. Top Hollywood makeup artist Christina Rodriguez, demonstrates how to approach monster make-up and special effects including how to create a zombie look (deformation of the skin, color technique for different layers of dead flesh, shadow contouring to create facial structure), techniques to complete monster characters (sickly eyes, rotting teeth and tongue) and a detailed demonstration of gashes with skin structure and color modeling to create blood and scaring. Techniques include: skin preparation, coloring for different layers of dead flesh, sponge and brush color technique, creating veiny and discolored eyes, creating a rotting mouth and tongue (including secret formula for "zombie mouthwash"), sculpting skin to create cuts and gashes, molding gashes into existing skin, blood modeling, color technique for blood and scarring skin).

Whether you're an industry veteran or a makeup enthusiast, this series will make you an expert! With the phenomenon of movies such as Twilight and The Walking Dead, the interest in special effects make-up is at an all time high. This series satiates the interest and demand of learning how that art and magic is created. The gore and magic of "Horror and Special FX Makeup" to day to day "Classic Hollywood Makeup" ...the spectrum is covered with this complete series. The Hollywood's Insider Secrets is a four parts series featuring top Hollywood make-up artist, Christina Rodriguez that teaches and educates makeup, special effects artists and beauty industry professionals alike. Christina will effectively take you through some of the inside secrets that are used in the makeup industry today, share time tested techniques and focus on some of the most fascinating and creative techniques that allow aspiring makeup artists to create a myriad of looks. We'll show you all the "tricks of the trade," horror and special FX effects, classic glamour looks, how to create award-winning makeup kits for less than $100 and get started in our own career as a makeup artist.


"An informative way of learning some of the best kept secrets of make-up artistry." -Jeremy Meyer, Celebrity